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About NIU Technologies Group


NIU (NIU Technologies) (NASDAQ: NIU), founded in 2014, is the world’s leading provider of smart urban mobility solutions. NIU is committed to continuously provide global customers more convenient and more environmentally friendly smart urban mobility vehicles to redefine urban mobility and make life better. NIU is a global brand in urban mobility that embraces technology, style and freedom. NIU currently designs manufactures and sells high performance smart electric scooters. NIU currently has a streamlined product portfolio consisting of seven series, NQi, MQi, UQi, NIU Aero, Gova, RQi, TQi, with multiple models and specifications for end consumers such as NIU Power accessories and NIU AERO outdoor sports bicycles. The MQi model and UQi model are the only urban mobility products that have won all seven major international design awards in the past 20 years, including Red Dot and IF in Germany, IDEA in United States, and G Mark in Japan.

As the world’s leading lithium powered electric two wheeler company, NIU created a new market category for smart electric two wheeler vehicles. NIU’s developed a 4th generation NIU Energy™ lithium battery technology that has a longer lasting battery life, longer range, and more lightweight that is safer and more powerful.


NIU has maintained a fast pace of growth and has sold an accumulation of over 1 million smart electric two wheeler vehicles worldwide. NIU has expanded into 38 countries with retail stores across cities in Asia, Europe and Latin America. NIU also continues to expand support for sharing businesses globally with 20 sharing operators in 13 countries providing SaaS solutions for electric two wheelers.


Our mission is to redefine urban mobility and make life better.


Our vision is to become the number one brand for urban mobility that is powered by design and technology.

About Xiaoniu Technogies Ltd.


Xiaoniu Technologies Ltd. was established in 2017 which is the exclusive distributor of Niu Technologies Group in Hong Kong. The company establishes its roots in Hong Kong and serves Hong Kong with the promotion of new energy motorcycles as its basis, in order to promote Hong Kong's green mobility.

In the future, traditional gasoline vehicles will be replaced by new energy vehicles, and green travel will become the general trend. NIU products are positioned at high-end, with leading core technologies, which are highly suitable for Hong Kong customers who pursue quality. We believe that the successful introduction of NIU electric scooters into the Hong Kong market will definitely arouse the public's attention to electric motorcycles. We look forward to serving any customer and welcome more riders to join our big family! Let's go! Niu Riders!


To promoto Hong Kong's

green mobility

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